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“Dreamrobber”  the idea, ..the word, …the thought… Came to me several years back while travelling on a slow train in Northern Spain, for now, it’s a home for my photographic work, and perhaps the works of others who share an approach to their work and wish to contribute to this project.

Spring 2019 – Having spent the last half of 2018, learning (again) about how to draw, just pencil and paper, overseas in Jamaica and Malta, while re-thinking composition and tone, I was able to complete some photographic work for use by others in digital and print media, and was inspired by a gift from my friend at “art may be red but does it fly” who has re-invented the art of the miniature print, more can be found by clicking here.

Summer 2018 – Morphing ideas and taking things forwards, after some work over Christmas 2017 and a live shoot of a gig in May 2018, I find that I can not work on to many creative things at once, and writing software has been eating my time!

Summer 2015 – Finds this website moving to new hosting, as I had reached the limits on what I had, and needed to update the site recent pictures I have made, I also had the chance to work again with my friend Kevin Taggerty for three days in rural Wiltshire.

During 2014 – As there was less of a demand for my sports work, it gave time to develop my skill set, change some photo gear and get to grips with some ideas and develop a style of picture that I call Cyberaphaelite and allow this thinking to permeate through my work, shoot by shoot, frame by frame, picture by picture.

Summer 2013 – As Dreamrobber, and away from the sports work which I undertake and enjoy doing, and as well as some of the more commercial things again I do, I need to focus on the development of a contemporary work style, after much thought and discussion with peers will call this Cyberaphaelite(c) – and so I plan to develop a body of work I can exhibit in within this style, and offer thanks to the painter Kevin Taggerty at www.kevintaggerty.me.uk for his encouragement and support in this matter.

Autumn and Winter 2012 – Saw the development of my work away from the landscape and sports focus it has had (mind you still shooting between 500 and 700 frames a week over the winter and editing down to 30 or so for use, which is a great discipline and has improved my eye for a shot no end…), I also started to think about the development of a style of “altered” photorealism referencing Pre-Raphaelite ideas especially backgrounds, and photographic works by people such as Tom Hunter. More on this as it unfolds.

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